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The Schneeberg, the Hohe Wand and the surrounding landscape form a natural oasis with high Alpine areas and idyllic locations offering a wealth of possibilities for leisure activities, sport, action and culture.

The ruggedness of the rocks on the Hohe Wand, the gentleness of the Gutenstein Alps, the romance of the Biedermeiertal and the beauty of the Schneeberg that is visible from a long way off completely envelop sharp-eyed visitors. The possibilities are so numerous, the scenery so enchanting. Delicious culinary specialities combine vitality and flavour. In winter, the nearby skiing regions beckon with hiking trails, ski tours and excursions.

In the Heart of Schneebergland

Whether you fancy a hike, a bike ride around the surrounding area (on your own bike or one you hire from us) or a day-long excursion up the mountain, to the lake or into town: we’ll be happy to give you tips and information leaflets.

Like in the Kaiser’s Day

Leisurely relaxation in Schneebergland!

A characteristic of the summer is that it can be spent more pleasurably in the country than in the town.

A hundred years ago, affluent ladies took their children and staff away from the stuffy atmosphere of the seas of buildings in June and stayed away till September. Such prolonged absences are unfortunately no longer possible. Summer breaks must now be chosen with care. So it’s fortunate that the inhabitants of Schneebergland have so much experience of leisurely relaxation.

Grünbach swimming pool

The open-air pool in Grünbach (less than a minute’s walk from the hotel) has a sports pool and a kids’ pool, making it one of Lower Austria’s smaller, yet most attractive open-air pools. The water is revitalised using the Grander process and heated by solar power. The beautifully landscaped green spaces also offer shady spots that invite you to sit and relax. The beach volleyball court offers an alternative for sports fans, while a well-run buffet provides sustenance.

Badstraße 7, 2733 Grünbach am Schneeberg

Fischau thermal baths

Historical flair, natural spa water, wellness and culture: A visit to the thermal baths in Fischau revitalises both body and mind. Flanked by seasonal cubicles in the green and yellow livery of the Austro-Hungarian monarchy, the Fischau thermal baths are located in the middle of a historic park: an ivy-covered waterfall, two natural pools and a modern children’s pool nestle between venerable old chestnut trees and romantic sunbathing lawns.

Hauptstraße 10, 2721 Bad Fischau


Walking through the kilometre-long gorge, visitors encounter a mini natural paradise that remains pleasantly cool even on hot days. And those who look closely will spot rock faces that the Johannesbach stream has carved out of the limestone to depths of up to 60 metres over the course of millennia. By the way: those who fancy a longer walk can make the Johannesbachklamm part of a hike. Or, during Advent, take a leisurely stroll to admire Austria’s tallest decorated Christmas tree in the gorge.

Willendorferstrasse 150, 2732 Würflach

Hikers’ Paradise Schneebergland

Fill up with fresh air on Vienna’s local mountain

Just an hour’s drive from Vienna and right on your doorstep: the most beautiful hiking routes in Schneebergland between the Schneeberg, Hohe Wand and Piestingtal.

Via Ferratas and Climbing Routes

Ambitious mountaineers will find many climbing routes and via ferratas on the Hohe Wand and Schneeberg, which are right on our doorstep. Thanks to Thomas Behm for the topographies of 3 selected classic routes.

Cycle and Mountain Bike Trails

Ride away from it all amid beautiful scenery

Excellent cardiovascular training in the fresh air: Schneebergland has over 40 mountain bike trails. Three examples of the many fantastic routes are the Dürrnberg trail for more leisurely rides, the technically demanding Schwarzes Gold freeride trail and the Schneeberg trail with an ascent of 816 metres that requires peak fitness.

Grünbach Museum of Mining

A visit to the museum with “frau franzi” is an entertaining start, highlight or conclusion of an excursion. “frau franzi” is not one to mince her words and speaks directly to the audience — a lively spectacle is guaranteed! Opening times: May—October / first Saturday of every month at 7 p.m. Theatre in the Museum, first Sunday of every month, 3 p.m.

Atelier Im Tal

Reinhard Sandhofer tries to express his philosophy of life and his spirituality in images and artefacts by following his own original path (objets d’art, sculptures and collages) and using the symbolism of form and colour.

Culture in Schneebergland – U-Bergbahn

The “underground mountain railway” is an imaginary tunnel that serves as a fast connection between cultural initiatives in Schneebergland. It was launched in 2011 with the aim of linking organisers of cultural events and artists in all the towns that make up the Schneebergland region. With our monthly newsletter and a constantly updated website we provide information on the wealth and diversity of cultural activity in Schneebergland on one shared platform.